The Beauty Box: Laidbare Handle With Care Hand Cream

I do love a good hand cream. If you've read PP for a while you'll know that I used to bite my nails quote badly. Since I stopped I sometimes have a relapse and nibble them all off, but I'm usually quite good at keeping them at a reasonable length.

Years of biting my nails has wrecked havoc on my hands. I'm always looking for the next best product to add a lot of nutrition into my nails and help my hands stay healthy. This is an amazing little product that I just had to share with you.

The Laidbare Sunflower Hand Cream has a light sunflower scent and is packed with sunflower oil and organic shea butter. Unlike so many hand creams, it sinks in within seconds and really doesn't have any greasiness. It is light and fresh smelling, so it's perfect for any time of day, although I always lard it on before bed and wake up with super soft hands.

It's only £10 here - which I think is great value for money. It's formulated to help even the most overworked and dry hands, so you only need the smallest amount. I've seen such a difference in the strength of my hands and my nails have been growing a lot healthier and stronger since using this cream so I'd definitely recommend trying it!

What's a product you've been loving recently?

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