The Journal: Manchester | Sapporo Teppanyaki

Show cooking is something I've never experienced before. So when Matt's mum suggested heading to Sapporo Teppanyaki for a celebratory graduation meal we headed in with no idea what to expect. 

We had so much fun! The experience is really like no other -  you share a table with lots of other eager diners, in front of a big hot cooking plate. The chefs come into this space and thoroughly entertain you with egg tricks and potato chips thrown at you to catch in your mouth. The food was absolutely delicious, and the staff were all very accommodating. I'll let most of the pictures do the talking: 

 Smoked chicken rolls.
 Spicy tuna cakes.
 Mixed sushi - eel, seabass and softshell crab.

Watching the chef make egg fried rice was really interesting - he made a huge omelette, rolled it into a pancake and sliced little bit of egg into a big bowl of sticky rice. Delish.

 Chicken skewers.

I thoroughly recommend that you make a pit stop at Sapporo next time you're in Manchester. It's not somewhere I'd want to eat every time I went out for a special meal (mostly because it's very interactive and you can't really have a relaxed conversation with your partner!) but it is a great experience. if you've not seen show cooking before then I'd definitely give it a go - the food is exceptional and you get loads of it!

Have you ever seen show cooking?


  1. There's a Sapporo in Liverpool too, I've been a couple of times and absolutely love it! Last time I actually caught my potato thing with my mouth ;D xx

  2. Oh wow this looks absolutely amazing. But yeah sometimes a nice wee chat over a meal is nicer.

    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It was still a fun place to go though, good thing to experience! :D

  3. There's one of these just round the corner from my boyfriends flat in Gloasgow and it's always intrigued me - the food looks delicious though! xx

    1. You'll have to let me know when you've been! :)