The Journal: Home TLC

Home time is important to me. Having two little brothers (12 and 15 years younger!) I often feel the need to go home and spend some time with my family. Living about two hours away from them isn't always easy and I do look forward to the future when we will be in a position to live closer to our families. This weekend we headed back home to babysit, as my mum and dad went to the races.

The sun was a complete scorcher this weekend! The boys were busy outside on the street having a waterfight, so Matt and I got to really relax in the sun with milkshakes and magazines. Mum had sorted dinner for us, so whilst our lasagne bubbled away in the oven we baked in the heat.

Chocolate pudding and ice cream for dinner was wolfed down, and then we sat down to a film with Adam (the littlest brother), and monopoly later on with Matthew (the older of the littles!)

I made the most of the sun by wearing this beautiful cobalt blue dress that bonprix sent me. They asked me to pick something from their Occasionwear range, and I chose this. Cobalt blue is one of those colours that really seems to suit me, and maxi dresses are so appropriate for those hot days where nothing seems to look right!

Sunday flew by way too quickly, with us having dinner in the sun with my family, and then heading back to Manchester on the train. I can't wait to pass my driving test now, I just want the freedom to travel home a lot easier!

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Oh the dress is lovely!:)

    NIKA B.

  2. Gorgeous dress, it looks lovely blue really suits you :)