The Beauty Box: St.Ives Moisturising Olive Scrub

St.Ives Moisturising Olive Scrub, £4.99 for 150ml.
St.Ives has always been the one brand that comes to mind when I think of facial scrubs. Sometimes they can be a bit too harsh for my skin, drying it out. However, when I saw that they had a Moisturising Olive Scrub in their range, I decided to give it a go.

The scrub is a bit different to their apricot scrubs as it is has larger grains, and is less dense with the there being less grains per blob of product. It is also green, and smells very fresh and clean. It is quite moisturising and feels a lot softer on the skin than the other scrubs that St.Ives do and although my skin does feel a bit dry after using it - this is fairly normal for me because my skin is so dry!

It is great because they're so cheap and really do a good job of giving your skin a good scrub without making it sore or aggravated! 

What is your favourite facial scrub product?

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