The Journal: Has anyone seen May?

It's been a hectic month. So much has gone I've hardly had a moment to breath! I thought I'd use today's post to try to process all the things I've been getting up to.

New job - I'm so excited to start my new job! I start in two weeks, and was really lucky that they let me have a few weeks to just get a load of stuff out of the way. Without giving too much away, I'm going to be writing content, blog posts and running the social media for a few different parts of a big company. I'm obviously raring to go and am really looking forward to working hard, especially as the job is such a great opportunity.

In my few weeks before starting I've been trying to cram in a whole load of driving lessons, as it takes me 50 minutes each way to work at the moment, and ideally by September we can move out and get somewhere I can house a car and travel to work that way. I'd previously had quite a lot of hours (20) so I really feel like I'm picking it back up. Don't you think when you're learning to drive it feels like you have about a billion things to do at the same time?! I've been told it all clicks so fingers crossed!

I've technically finished university now, and am waiting my results back and my graduation. Graduation should be really fun as my parents are staying over and taking us out. As I've got little brothers I rarely get to have late evenings out with them so it will be good to end my degree in their company! Waiting for results is excruciating, it feels like they're taking ages but I suppose it is good tat I'm keeping my mind busy!

In terms of fitness, I've felt quite rubbish about my lack of progression. I'm eating clean, working really hard in the gym six times a week and not really seeing any weight or inches lost. No weigh May was great, but as I'm still trying to lose weight I need to keep track of my progress.  I'm still ploughing at it though because I'd rather be healthy and seeing little changes than nothing!

I also finally got round to filming my haul (here) from the bank holiday weekend, I've had endless camera problems (also why my blog hasn't been as updated as I'd like), but I've managed to get an emergency camera to tide me over.

            What have you been up to? Any exciting news to tell me? 

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  1. Congrats on the new job! I've had a hectic May too, with family staying, baby sitting my in-laws mutt and starting a new part time job amongst other things, there has been very little time for blogging!

    1. Thank you, wow sounds like you've had a mad month too! Xx