The Beauty Box: Eylure Lashfix

I don't wear falsh eyelashes often. I like to buy them in bulk from ebay, and occasionally trim them down to add just a bit of curl and lift when I need it. Last week I'd tried doing this with the last pair of some lashes I'd got from ebay. It's a shame they've run out as even though they were really long and too wide for my eye, I could always cut them down so they fit exactly where I wanted them to.

The eylure lashfix was the first type of lash glue I bought, after trying the Eyelure lashes and loving the hold it gave. Unlike a lot of lash glues, it takes a while to go tacky, so I've had to experiment with it quite a lot to get just the right of tackiness to be able to manoeuvre the lashes!

It helps the lashes form a real bond though, so you never feel like they're pinging up at the edges or that you're balancing them on your lids. I love the fact that it actually dries clear too, as so many lash glues I've tried go that dull tell-tale grey colour. It's a really great product that lasts for ages, so I'd really recommend it.

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  1. I love that this dries clear! Hate when it shows white bits! :) xxx

    1. It's such a pain isn't it! No, this is great! :) xx

  2. Ooh I might have to buy this! :)
    I hate loosing the teeny glue which comes with the lashes!