The Journal: Remember me?

Oh hi! Long time no speak eh?! I know I posted my giveaway last week (go enter if you haven't already), but today marks the first week where I don't have any exams, any uni, anything! I have finished university *trumpet fanfare*.

It feels so good to have finished my degree, especially as this last year I've felt really stressed and overwhelmed by the whole thing. Every spare minute I've had I've been revising, or working on an assessment so it is so refreshing to have some time to myself and get my mojo back! My degree was a great experience  and I'm going to write some posts/videos on it soon, but the last year is just so intense that it pretty much takes over your whole life!

I have celebrated by going out for fish n' chips (best cheat meals ever!), having two of my favourite people over this bank holiday weekend, and then treating myself to some new clothes for my summer holiday and ..... my new job! I am so amazed that I've got an offer for a job so quickly after leaving university, and will keep you all posted on what's happening!

So, this is just a quick 'hello!' and a quick update of what is going on. I really appreciate how many of you have stuck around and read my infrequent posts. This year at university has been really hard, but now I will hopefully have a bit more time and energy to put a lot more into my blog & channel.

I hope you've all had a great bank holiday weekend - I'm excited to tell you about my weekend with Brogan and Dionne and showing you what I'm getting up to.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Had an amazing time this weekend! We need to make another date to meet up soon! xx

    1. :D glad you enjoyed it beaut! We do indeed. xx