The Journal: Chroma

I'ma share a little secret with you. I freaking love Italian food. Creamy sauces, pasta, gooey cheese, doughy bread.... (can you tell I've been eating clean for the past week? Pass me the pasta or you get it)

Anyway, a few weeks back, before the decision to eat clean was finalised, Matt and I had a wander around ye olde streets of Manch to try find a nice, cheap place to eat.

We were drawn into Croma because it was absolutely heaving, and the menu was pretty cheap. £7 for a pizza I hear you cry? Oh yes, yes indeedy.

We had to wait around half an hour to be seated, but we didn't mind as they have a great area where you can sit down and drink a bottle glass of wine.

I'll let you see the snaps before I get into my opinion:

Mediterranean Charcuterie.

Vegetable Lasagane.

Chilli Salsiccia pizza.

Lemon Pudding.

Honeycomb cheesecake.

Oh, there's me.

So Croma was really great. I liked it that the food was really cheap, and although the portions weren't massive, I was by no means left hungry. Just the right size, and more realistic for those with appetites that don't match a giants, the portions were great because they filled you up without overfacing you. Hence why we had pudding...

The starter was really great, the meat on the charcuterie board was really delicious, and felt a bit more artisan than you'd expect for the price. The rosemary garlic bread was to die for too.

For my main I went for a vegetable lasgana... which is most unlike me, but it was yummy none the less. Big chunks of vegetables and a light creamy sauce. Matt went for the chilli sausage pizza (hey, I didn't say my Italian was great?!) which he said was really good, although they could have been a bit more generous with the meat. It was a meat pizza after all...

Any meat-related disappointments (oh-er) were completely shattered with the deserts though. My lemon pudding was tangy and full of flavour, complimented by the vanilla ice-cream. Matt's cheese cake was creamy, thick and smothered in caramel.

If you're looking for somewhere cheap to grab a pizza and some drinks - head down to Croma. It's just across the way from the town hall and five seconds away from loads of great bars and pubs if you're wanting to make your night last just that little bit longer.

You'll find Croma on Clarence Street. There's also two others, one in Prestwich and one in Chorlton!


  1. I've always wanted to try Croma, now I need to! :) xx

    1. You really do Anastasia, you'd love it! We should go soon :D xx

  2. The deli board is just the sort of thing I LOVE!
    Have a fab Tuesday Hun xoxo

    1. me too, such a good starter :) xx

  3. Yum the food looks amazing...I want it all!! It probably doesn't help that I'm starving right to the kitchen I go :)

    Rachel @ AMomentInTime.

  4. The pizza looks amazing, I want to go now x

  5. I also love Italian food. I guess I could live happily eating pizza and pasta everyday!!!


    1. haha tell me about it! i'm with you on that one! x