The Beauty Box: The Basic Face

Whilst I try to give my skin a break if I'm staying in the flat all day, sometimes it is nice to have the simplest, most basic make-up on. I always remember the first time I started to get into make-up, my mum said to me 'the nicest make-up is when you can't tell that you're wearing any'. This is the way that I create a look that is barely-there, just nicely refined skin, and a subtle flush on the cheek (not forgetting my trademark laguna swipe).

Base: For my base I'm quite fond of the No7 Beautiful Skin BB cream. It is really lightweight and blends really easily. I like it that they cater for all skin types as well. The Expert Face Brush blends it in really nicely, creating an even and barely visible finish. It just seems to *bam* magic *bam* away the annoying redness and tell tale signs of a make-up free face.

Base: I've recently started using the Deluxe Crease Brush for my concealer. Although it's technically an eye brush it is the perfect size and shape to get into the eye area, and blends cream and liquid concealers really nicely. I'm currently using the Wake Me Up concealer (it's okay - not great), but it perks up those bluish circles that like to skate rings around my eyes.

Eyebrows: Not my favourite eyebrow pencil, I think it is slightly too auburn for me but you know, we work with it. I have this thing where I can't just leave a product unless it is awful, so this pencil will be used up before I go get something else! It works fine though, although I swear the photographs make them look more ginger/messy than they are in reality. I hope so anyway.

Eyeliner: Nothing says "hey, I'm wearing make-up" than big rings around our eyes. I really love this pencil, hence why I'm using it in it's nib state. I just lightly added a little bit of brown to my lower lash line  and then tight lined the upper lash line  It gives an effect of fuller lashes, but in a more subtle way... which I like.

Contour: You I love me some NARS Laguna, or you should do by now. I've recently swapped the bigger brushes for the Contour Brush. It's much smaller, but makes blending really easy, and helps give more precision.

Blush: Fashionista blushes are so cheap. I really love how soft they are, and Juicy Apricot is by far my favourite shade. It's the shade for a natural, barely-there look. Blended onto the apples of my cheeks, using my Blush Brush!

Mascara: An old favourite of mine, it has quite a narrow brush head, and proper bristles (non of this rubber rubbish that I really dislike). It's the perfect size for getting right to the root. I wouldn't say it's the most voluminous mascara I've ever used, but I like the look it gives. 

Lips: My lovely friend Charlotte surprised me with two of these lip balms the other week. As a massive fan of the untinted balms, I was pretty pleased. The colour that you get from them gives a really subtle sheen to the lips, and they keep your smackers (did I really just say that?!) really moisturised all day!

What are your go-to essentials for barely-there make-up? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Bourjois Volume Glamour is an old fav of mine too! Always one of the classics I come back to. You look flawless my fav Han xxx

  2. Hi Hannah. You are so cute and so your name. Are you muslim or christian? Your name just confused me a bit :p
    Follow each other beautifull?

    1. Thank you. I'm not really sure what you mean, people aren't a particluar religion just because of their name?

  3. Great look! I've been doing the same recently with brown eyeliner, though I've been using eyeshadow to do it, and I think it makes such a difference! xx

    1. Thank you :) yeahh i love using eyeshadow too, it creates a much softer look doesn't it! Xx

  4. such a gorgeous overall look! you have beautiful eyes as well xxx