The Beauty Box: The Sanctuary Gift Set

 When I think about The Santuary, the kind of words that come to mind are affordable luxury, spa indulgence and most of all quality products. I was introduced to The Sanctuary when I was younger, when my mum would get the giftsets for Christmas and I sneak a splash of the signature smelling bubbles into my baths when she wasn't looking.

I'm obviously older now, and can now afford The Sanctuary treats for myself. I got this giftset at Christmas, and love how the giftset is a kind of capsule collection of some of their best presents.

As some of you may know, I have extremely sensitive skin, and often using products that have amazing smells can bring me out itchier than a bear's back. However, The Sanctuary  provides products that feel like luxury products, smell amazing and leave your skin smooth and pampered. Here' the contents of the giftset:

The body wash has these great orange balls that burst all over the skin when you lather it across your body. After washing with it, your skin is left really soft!

Most body scrubs irritate my skin but this one leaves me with polished, smooth skin.

Unlike a lot of moisturisers that attempt to give 24-hour moisturisation and leave you feeling greasy, this body lotion soaks in quickly and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple when you wake up.

The body butter is rich and creamy, and has the signature 'Sanctuary' smell.

Probably the least impressive products out of the set, this bath float doesn't leave your bath floating with clouds of bubbles as promised. It does, however, leave you feeling relaxed!

Paired with the hand oil I have from The Sanctuary, my hands feel much healthier and my nail growth is considerable increased. Unlike a lot of hand creams I've tried, this soaks in really quickly so you're not sat waving hands around in an attempt to make them dry!

If you've not tried any of The Sanctuary products, I'd really recommend them. They make great gifts and are really affordable!


  1. I love the smell of Sanctuary stuff!

    1. It is really distinctive isn't it :) xx