The Beauty Box: Bblonde Hair Lightener


Bblonde. The Bblonde team got in touch with me months ago, asking if I wanted to try their hair lightener.

Let's get one thing out on the table.

I've never dyed my hair at home. My hair is one of the things I really look after and so I never cut or dye it myself. However, costly trips to the hairdressers have become few and far between on my student budget (something I can't wait to rectify when I get a full-time job!).

I've always had a facination in home dye kits, but having gone to an all-girls school where frequent home-dye hair disasters were common, I've always been too scared to go for it.

Anyway, I said yes! Before we get onto the review: I had my hair ombred at the hairdressers last November. As ombre is at the ends of the hair, I've not had it re-dyed since. Whilst the dye stayed in my hair, it somewhat faded. I wanted to use Bblonde to see if I could recreate the really blonde ends again.

Here's the box:

Inside the pack you get: 75ml of peroxide, 25g of bleach, a clear plastic cap, a brush, a mixing tub, conditioning shampoo, instructions and some plastic gloves.

The mixture: for every 25g of bleach, you need to add 75ml of peroxide which makes mixing the product really easy as the measurements are prepared for you.

Application: the instructions are really easy to follow, but I used a technique that I saw on YouTube a while back. As my hair is cut into a slight V, I bunched my hair into pigtails just over my ears, and focused the majority of the product on around three inches of hair, from the tips upwards. I then blended a little of the product up towards my ears, using the least amount of product as I reached my ears.

Why did I apply this way? Applying the product using a graduated method is great for ombre because it creates a 'fade-effect' from the top of the head (natural hair colour) down to the tips (light blonde). The technique I used has allowed my hair to graduate into the blonde rather than having a sharp line. I like having my hair ombred in this way as it keeps my hair looking really blonde and light, without unsightly roots which come from big gaps between salon trips!

Would I use Bblonde again? Definitely, I presume the more I use this product the better I'll get at applying it, but I achieved the look I wanted to really easily. The product is easy to mix, use and washes out well with the cleaning shampoo. My only criticism is that as I have long, thick hair more shampoo would have been better, but I washed all of the residue out with normal shampoo with no worries.

Bblonde have a range of products for all hair colours, and give you tips on how to use it depending on different hair types/issues you may have. If you're lightening or using dye on your hair for the first time like me, I'd recommend them!

Have you ever tried a home dye kit? 


  1. I've had some hair disasters at home using hair dye but this looks amazing! I really like the result and tbh who can afford to keep going to the hair dressers every few weeks?! Great way of topping up in between visits :) xxx

    1. Haha I'm glad I avoided one! Thank you, exactly! Xx

  2. What helpful review lovely! Your hair looks beautiful xx

  3. I have a few questions, how do you feel about this for roots? How damaged does your hair feel now after a few washes?

    1. It suggests you can use it for roots, I just wouldn't leave it on for as long. To be honest, as soon as I washed it i used mu Aussie three minute miracle and the ends really don't feel that damaged at all. It feels a little dry, but no where near as damaged as I thought it would be x

  4. This looks like a great box! I am always a little scared about applying hair dye on myself after doing it horrendously once and having to pay £100 to get it put right :( Your hair looks great though!


    1. Crikey! I'd be scared too! I guess I've had it done at the hairdressers that many times that I kind of felt a hit more confident! Xx