The Journal: Aisling.

Today, my friend is having a party to celebrate her upcoming 21st, and her move to the mountains for six months as a chalet girl. I'll tell you a little about my friend.

One time, she wore the least sensible Vivienne Westwood pumps to school when there was snow, ice and slush everywhere. In a our free period we made our way down to the shop (on a slope) and she did a rather impressive splits with her ridiculously long legs - all the way down the street. I don't think I've ever been so close to weeing myself with laughter as I did then.

Once, we had a chilled out night at her house and six of us crammed into a tiny double bed. Never have I been so delirious from tiredness, so giddy from too much sugar and so uncomfortable for having aforementioned never-ending legs and feet across my head.

One day it absolutely pelted down with snow, and instead of being a respectable Head Girl, she dragged me all the way back to her house, gave me some extremely long waterproof trousers (she's near 6ft, I'm at the lower end of 5ft), a random ski coat that was about three sizes too big for me and then spent the whole afternoon chucking ice balls at me, and racing down the snowy hills in a broken sledge.

We spent around six months using the various code words revolving around the word FOX to discuss a certain boy situation, in which she told me a million and one things to say and do, and we'd spend the next few weeks discussing (and laughing) in minute detail about how crafty we were.

One of our friends had a mini festival at his house.... HEZFEST. My friend and I spent most of the night running around after too many drinks, dancing like idiots and catching people sneaking into tents 'STICK YOUR....'!

We had several trips to Bibi's, in which we'd get ridiculously overdressed, have a million pictures in her garden, and then totter over to the restaurant in our huge heels. We'd flirt ridiculously with the gross waiters and feel like champions when we'd managed to con them into giving us wine. We'd then totter back to the train (and possibly slide over and cover our dress in mud - my bad), and be back in bed for 11.30pm. Winners.

She'd help organise the sixth form parties where I'd completely embarrass myself. One time, someone knocked into me by accident and I ended up with a fat lip. Did she feel sorry for me? No, she laughed her head off and took the mickey out of me for weeks.

She spent the whole time we were at school saying I looked like this: Heidi Montag. She then called me Heidi for about six months. Non-stop.

Although I could go on telling you about my friend, I think I'll leave it there. Sorry I can't make it today Ash - I know you'll have a real foxy time! Love you lots x


  1. Aw this is such a cute post. It's great having friends that you can be your self around and be truly silly!

    Charlotte xo