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The Journal: Clean Slate


There you are. It's been a while, much as happened since I last wrote - from a messy blur of train rides, sleep, unpacking of belongings, work and a not-so-nice break-up. Can you really believe we're at the end of January already?!

As you may have gathered, it's not been an easy few months, but instead of dwelling on the past I'm keen to make 2015 the year of me! I love blogging, I love all the lovely people that read it and the great sense of community that comes with it. So, throwing myself whole heartedly into it again after too much time away...

I've moved into my new flat, I've got holidays booked in with friends, and life is pretty fun right now! I'm making the most of a situation I never thought I'd be in. I think we can always surprise ourselves with our resilience to horrible situations, especially when we realise how strong our support networks can be. My friends have been fantastic, and I can't wait to share our adventures with you!

Considering I wasn't up to blogging near new year - what better way to kick off a year of posts with some resolutions? This year is, after all, a blank piece of paper, a clean slate!

  • Continue to lose weight and get fitter
  • Be a YES person - try new things and meet new people
  • Read more
  • Invest more time and effort into my blog
  • Teach myself some HTML
  • Spend as much time 
  • Try at least two new hobbies - especially ones that are out of my comfort zone
  • Get better at being content on my own 
  • Visit at least 5 new places

  • What are your resolutions for this year - have you already broken them?

    The Journal: 23 Lessons


    Today I turn the grand age of 23, and what better way to celebrate than sharing 23 lessons learnt over the years...

    1. Time is something we never have enough of, always make the most of every day
    2. There's not many moods that can't be improved by Friends re-runs
    3. Everyone you meet will teach you something, even if at the time you can't see it
    4. Style is an ever changing thing that will take years to nail
    5. The balance of eating what you want and not putting on weight is an age old problem
    6. The week after time off work is the worst
    7. Sometimes in an argument, even though you're right, it's better to just let it go
    8. Sometimes it's easier to chuck a load of good stuff in the blender and drink it down

    9. Hangovers become diminished with a good plate of beans and chips
    10. The search for the best burger is a quest that never ends
    11. The best amount of time to brew a teabag is precisely three and a half minutes
    12. Any cuppa not made with Yorkshire tea will always be sub-standard
    13. If you're happy in your job 80% of the time you should definitely stay
    14. Despite what we're told, the messy hair look doesn't look good on everyone
    15. Texts sent after four alcoholic drinks are rarely a good idea
    16. If you don't look for things to criticise in others, you generally feel better about yourself

    17. Jacket potatoes are much nicer when done in the microwave
    18. If you go for a one-scoop ice cream you must have problems
    19. Clothes sizes are just numbers and usually differ shop to shop
    20. Time screen-free is a luxury that we rarely take the time to give to ourselves
    21. Vodka. Never a good idea.
    22. The air at the seaside has a magical ability to make you feel like a little kid
    23. No matter how many birthdays you have, surprise presents are always the best

    What life lessons have you learnt so far?

    The Style Files: Weekly Wears #13


    I've got a love for leather. There's just something about most leather pieces that have an instant injection of *style*. Anyway, this week I've been eyeing up the leather jackets that have been appearing with the influx of new season coats and jackets. Here's three that have caught my eye...

    Okay, so this jacket technically is faux leather... BUT I love the matte finish. The quilting on the sleeves and waist add some structure to what is already an amazing jacket. It's just how I'd like a (non) leather jacket to be - fuss free and streamlines. Plus, it's only £65.

    The last coat I had from River Island had a fur collar on it, and everytime I wore it I felt instantly more stylish. This jacket is a little more bulky than the one above but it looks much more substantial too, the quilting is feels more functional and the asymmetric zip finishes it off nicely.

    I've professed my love for this jacket previously, but its so lovely that I can't resist mentioning it again. The asymmetric zip, the slimline shape and finish make it a definite favourite. Now I just need to work on looking like the model wearing it..

    The Beauty Box: Let's Be Frank


    Frank. You may have heard the brand 'Frank' bandied about recently. Seemingly popping up out of nowhere, Frank has gone from a brand posting pictures of beautiful wide-eyed girls covered in coffee to a brand that almost every blogger I know has mentioned.

    When I first discovered Frank, I wrote this post, and since then two new 'flavours' have come out. After being impressed with the results of the first pack I tried, I thought I'd give them a go.

    Since my first purchase, they've decided to offer free delivery to those in the UK, but the cost of the packs have gone up so it's swings and roundabouts really. Delivery time took around a week, and the ordering process is really simple. They send emails along each step of the way so even though your order is coming from Australia you're not kept in the dark whilst you wait.

    The ingredients differ slightly dependant on whether you're looking at the coconut, plain or cacao 'flavour'. All feature roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, and all claim to combat cellulite, stretch marks and other skin conditions. Whilst it doesn't get rid of my eczema, it definitely helps and although I've not seen any reduction in stretch marks, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on if there is any change over the next few months.

    After trying the plain, cacao and coconut scrubs I'd say my favourite is the cacao. not only does it smell like chocolate so I enjoy using it the most, but it also seems to leave my skin the most moisturised. Maybe it's the Vitamin E or the almond and macadamia oils, but after using the cacao scrub my skin feels soft and healthy days after use.

    Have you tried anything from Frank?

    The Style Files: New Approach to Dressing


    Dressing is a simple. Dressing well is a complex skill, a skill I've yet to master. Recently with us entering a new season, my wardrobe has received its annual purging process. Each time I come to filter out my wardrobe to make way for new, I find myself surprised at the lack of good quality basics.

    As each year passes, I find myself craving the luxury of rich cotton tees and well fitting basics. Whilst trend-led tops and tees are all well and good, it is these core pieces that last season after season that are the building blocks of any wardrobe.

    So, I'm on a mission to start building my wardrobe from scratch, sifting out the cheap tat, selling what isn't worn but still in good nick.With this in mind, I thought I'd share three of my favourite places for long-lasting classics.


    COS is a brand I came across after hearing Estee wax lyrical about it. Since then I've bought a few t-shirts from there but am keen to add more to my collection. Super soft cotton, pieces that don't lose their shape after being washed, and material that just seems to 'sit' differently on the body. Plus, they also do some great statement necklaces.

    & Other Stories

    I remember when & Other Stories was fairly new on the scene, but only recently have I discovered how great their offerings are. I have my eye on pretty much everything in their t-shirt and tanks department, some of their other offerings are definitely statement pieces, but when it comes to stripped back basics - they come into their own.


    Anthropologie do have some of the more expensive basic tees and tops available, but their Essential Scoopneck and Elementary V-Neck t-shirts are welcome additions to my wardrobe. Their palette of rich greys, khakis and crisp whites and pinks make them desirable in pretty much every shade.

    So there's three of my favourite one-stop-shops for basics, where do you get hold of long-lasting stylish additions to your wardrobe?

    The Style Files: Checkmate


    I'm not sure whether it's the Scottish blood in my veins or the versatility of a check print, but I definitely don't have enough of this in my wardrobe. The catwalks, as ever, provide inspiration. From the soft brushed check tops at Paul & Joe to the checked panels on the leather pencil skirts at Hugo Boss - I've been feeling inspired to inject some checks into my everyday apparel.

    Deep burgundy, rich red, forest green and hints of blue and purple can  make a check print look completely different piece to piece. So many brands are offering checked longline blazers and coats for those that want one stand-out piece. Vila's navy longline coat is beautiful, and instantly calls for a tailored ensemble.

    It's no secret that the cape shape is an instant winner in the style stakes, plus team it with a beautiful tartan inspired print and you've got two boxes ticked. I really love the sky blue that threads through the above ASOS cape, it adds a little more to what is  already quite a popular and well used print.

    New Look always manage to have a few affordable key trend-led items, and this boyfriend checked blazer is no exception. It's only £29.99 which is a great price for a blazer, plus it is longline meaning it's perfect for dressing up a casual outfit or for wearing instead of a coat when you're layering up.

    I've yet to find the perfect pair of checked trousers, but the three above are serious contenders. They're a great way to wear print in a more subtle way, and often come in office appropriate fits, meaning you can add some chic tailoring to add a sophisticated edge. Both Undercover and Weekend Max Mara have beautiful, luxury offerings . However, if you're looking for something more purse friendly ASOS is always my first stop for affordable pieces, and these peg leg trousers avoid looking tacky and remain suitably stylish with a fine check and monochrome palette.

    What trends are keeping you inspired this season?