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The Fitness Log: 5 Fitness Apps


Everyone is busy. Work, family, friends are essential factors in everyday life, which means that the ability to fit fitness into the everyday becomes increasingly difficult.

So many fitness apps and time-saving tools are available that it can become quite difficult to decide which ones to use. There's five fitness apps that make tracking my fitness, improving my lifestyle and keeping motivated whilst I try (and often fail) to balance all the important parts of my life much easier.

1. Myfitnesspal

I've written about myfitnesspal before, but essentially it is an app that allows the tracking of your food consumption a la a food diary, and an exercise log which can be synced up to any devices you might have like a fitbit. I know calorie counting and food diaries don't work for everyone, but I find it quite difficult to make sure I eat the right amount of calories when I'm exercising.

Last year I lost around two stone using this app, which essentially made me realise I needed to eat more, and more of certain foods. It breaks down the nutritional value of the meals that you're eating
(plus you can create your own recipes, which it stores for next time). I started to realise that a lot of my 'healthy' meals with low calories included a lot of sugar, and so started to find different ways in which I could eat nutritional food, feel full and still lose weight.  For a free app, you get a lot of great features, and if you're wanting to understand what you're burning off when you exercise, and what you're putting into your body, the its a great mobile log to help you stay on track.

2. Sworkit pro

This app isn't free, but when you consider the bulk of information you get it in one little app, it's a purchase worth the money. Sworkit pro is an app that has a variety of different workout plans, whether you want to focus on yoga & stretching, or strength & cardio. The pro version also has the ability to build custom workouts which I think is particularly important as different things work for different people.

The app breaks down the exercises you can do by parts of the body, intensity, and time length and is really great for making sure your exercises in either the gym or at home are kept varied and interesting. This is especially key if you have an exercise routine, as I always find that it can be demotivating if you know you're going to the gym to do the same twenty minutes on the treadmill, fifteen on the rower etc...

3. Yoga

For those that aren't all about the sweaty, boob-bouncy gym workouts, yoga is a sweet little app. With 289 free poses and breathing exercises, yoga has a huge library of yoga poses, each of which has a form diagram, a video guide to talk you through and visually guide you on how to move through the pose.

The yoga app also has 37 yoga programs, which are organised via goal, duration and body part. If you're not keen to head to a class and instead just want some quality guidance in the safety of your own home, then this is a great free app!

4. Blogilates

Blogilates is another at-home hero, an neat app that makes Cassey's workout videos, nutritional recipes, fitness forum and more all available from your device.  Blogilates is essentially a workout class from your phone or ipad, which means that if that kind of exercise guidance works for you, it's really great for motivating you through exercises and keeping you going when you reaaaally want to stop because it burns.

5. Elevate

Elevate is a brain training app that provides you with daily tests to increase your ability in certain tasks. It does this through a series of games and tests to help you improve your abilities in communication, processing information and more.

Although this app isn't related to physical fitness, the brain is the most important organ in our body. Whilst it is important to feed my body with the right nutrition, and exercise it using the best fitness methods, I always think that exercising the brain is just as important. It obviously depends on your fitness goals, but as my goal is to just be the best I can possibly be in all areas of my life, this app is a great way to keep my brain engaged and working hard for a few minutes of the day - and keeps me more productive when I would usually be scrolling through instagram or playing Candy Crush!

Which apps keep you on track and motivated?

The Journal: See Ya Summer


Summer's a goner. I, for one, am pretty pleased to hear this. Whilst the summer sun definitely perks up a bad day, the cool Autumn breeze is my absolute favourite. Crisp weather, walks wrapped up in jumpers, and cosy evenings on the sofa with hot mugs of tea. Yes please, all of the above.

However, so as not to let Summer feel all down and stuff, here's my favourite things about Summer this year:

+ The busy weekends with the sun beaming down on us
+ The lunchtimes where instead of being hit in the face with rain, it felt like I was on holiday
+  The time I made meringue (here) and my dad said it tasted like toast
+ The time I surprised Matt with a day at the Foodies Festival (here)  
+ The summer night Matt and I made pizzas on the BBQ for the first time (here)
+ The Tour de Yorkshire, of which I had no interest until I hit the roadside and was overwhelmed by the excitement of it all (here)
+ The realisation that one of my little brothers was no longer little (here)
+ The day I decided to snip off my long locks and embrace le bob (here)
+ Palindrome Poppet turned three!
+ The day Matt and I got rid of the house we were renting and hit our first saving goal
+ The realisation of how much has changed since four summers ago, and the calm that this brings
+ Our week away in Devon which was full of late nights eating, drinking and laughing on the balcony

What have you loved about Summer?

The Beauty Box: Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask


This product has done the rounds. The Origins Drink Up Intensive mask has always seemed a bit of cult product in the beauty blogging world. Perhaps surprisingly for someone who suffers with extreme dry skin, I'd never actually tried this mask until recently.

Unlike most face masks I use, this one is left on overnight. A fresh, rich cream that soaks in quickly, this little wonder product has helped give my skin some well needed moisture.

As someone who suffers from permanently thirsty skin, this recent addition to my weekly routine has produced pretty impressive results. Areas of my face that usually look dehydrated and feel tight are now left soft and supple. After exfoliating, fresh skin is injected with instant moisture that lasts days.

Although thick and creamy to apply, I've not noticed any clogged pores or excess oiliness, especially as I team this product with my Mega Mushroom Serum (review here) for the ultimate skin tlc combination.

Have you tried any of Origins offerings? Which skincare products are must-have for you at the moment?

The Journal: 25 Things #2


Back in the day, '50 Facts About Me' posts did the rounds and unable to think of fifty things about myself, I wrote 25 things here. However, that was two years ago and since then a few more things have happened! As there's been an abundance of beauty related posts this summer, I thought this might be a nice way to catch up!

1. After graduating, I went to work in social media and SEO
2. I'm now media executive at a really lovely media agency
3. Matt and I have been together just under five and a half years
4. We currently live with family whilst we save up for our own house
5. We're aiming to buy our own place in the Spring of next year

6. I'm very organised and feel tense if things don't go to plan
7. I'm definitely a morning person but love a good lie-in
8. I find it so hard to get motivated to exercise
9. Having said that, I always feel the best after exercising
10. I can get really obsessed with things, diet and exercise is no exception to this

11. The qualities that draw me to people are loyalty, sense of humour and their desire to make an effort
12. I think the most unattractive trait in a person is rudeness
13. I always need some time to myself after being around lots of people for a long period of time
14. When I'm nervous I get louder and appear more confident than I really am
15. My favourite past time other than blogging is swimming - being in the water is so calming

16. One of my favourite people died this year
17. I learnt after university that not everyone is meant to have lots of friends
18. I'm much closer to my family than I am any of my friends
19. The only person that I tell everything to is Matt
20. I'm good at keeping everyone else's secrets, but terrible at keeping my own

21. I buy from ASOS every month, and look at the site at least twice a week!
22. Online shopping is my go-to apart from Boots, as the make-up counters are a cathartic treat
23. I can't wait to get married and have children (although this will be a while yet!)
24. My blog is my favourite thing, but I always wish it got more interaction
25. I turn 23 in 29 days!

So there's 25 things about me - have you done a similar post? Share your blog link in the comments below!

The Beauty Box: No7 Melting Gel Cleanser


If there's one thing I can never stop trying, it is new cleansers. The quest for perfectly clean, supple and moisturised skin is an ongoing mission of which I will probably be on for the rest of my life.

This Melting Gel Cleanser from No7 is the latest trial product in this journey, a surprisingly pleasant find that makes night-time cleansing feel akin to a spa treatment. Luxuriously thick and silky, this golden gel smooths across the face and melts away all traces of make-up.

Its powers extend to reducing waterproof mascara to a black liquid smear, and grabbing foundation from every crease of my face with little scrubbing or effort. If you're anything like me you'd expect these cleansing properties to come with (not) additional benefits such as drying out the skin, itchiness around the eyes and an a magnetic-like ability to cling to your face...

 It transforms from a gel into a soothing oil as you smooth it across your face, making skincare-time just that little bit more luxurious.Although this cleanser is really good at pulling away your make-up, as soon as water hits it, it transforms into a milky white liquid. This not only makes getting rid of the cleanser a breeze, but also means you're not rubbing at your skin with a cloth to get rid of every trace.

If you've not ventured into the realms of No7's skincare offering, I'd definitely recommend it - you can get it for £9.50 here.

The Beauty Box: NYX Jumbo Eye Magic



If there's one thing in life that I'm keen on, it's time saving products. I got my hands on these NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils at Pro Beauty North last year, and whenever I need a super quick eye solution, they make their way out of my collection.

Iced Mocha and Sparkle Nude are similarly metallic shades - creamy to apply straight from the pencil and super easy to blend. Sparkle Nude is the ideal base, which I usually apply across the whole of my lid, and Iced Mocha is slightly darker in tone, making it the perfect choice for a subtle contour.

Have you tried any of NYX's offerings? If you want to check out the Jumbo Eye Pencil range head here.