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The Journal: Possibilitarian


Life is a challenge. On a daily basis I'm faced with some many factors that challenge my positivity, some days its my own mind that I struggle to stay chipper with. However, the other day I came across the quote above. 

It hit a nerve. So many people comment on my general mood; friends, work colleagues always comment on how I manage to be positive and give most things a good spin, but it's not easy

It's a series of small habits that get me from day to day, I've found that over the last year I've had to consciously rebuild the way I see the world...

Cultivating a positive environment

People either drain you, or they build you up. Whilst we sometimes can't avoid people who always see the darkness, we can choose who and what fills the majority of our head space. It's not always people that influence us - even the sources of information we surround ourselves with can drag us down.

Taking Stock

Stress builds itself up. Taking a little longer to think, talk, moving around from day to day might seem like a hassle to begin with but it also means negative thoughts and the stress of rushing to fit everything in diminishes over time. 

Adding value to someone else's life

It sounds cliché, doesn't it? Making someone else happy or improving their day to day doesn't need to be something complex. Something as simple as sending a song that will cheer someone up can surprisingly make your self worth increase.

At the end of the day, it isn't easy to see possibility in every moment of the day, but its surprising how easily it becomes part of your everyday when you introduce small snippets of positivity here and there.

The Journal: 10 Reasons Why Living Alone Is Awesome


If you'd have asked me this time last year how I'd feel about living on my own, I would have curled up into a ball and rocked in a corner for a bit. As an only child for most of my childhood, I actually quite enjoy my own company, but living on my own sounded scary. Turns out, it's actually pretty awesome, and here's why:

You get really good at life admin

A term coined by my friend Niki, life admin is all the pants stuff in life that just has to be done - whether it be washing your bedding on cleaning your toilet. These mundane tasks won't do themselves. On the plus side, you get really, really good at them.

You can pretty much do whatever you want

Fancy sleeping in until 3pm and then eating ice cream for breakfast? Go ahead! Want to spend all weekend dancing in your pants to Westlife? Totally cool. You can do what (or who) you want, when you want. It's pretty awesome.

Clothes become irrelevant

Aforementioned dancing in pants comes into play here. You can literally wear whatever you want, which means if it's hot outside and you fancy being nuddy? Voila my friend, strip and be at peace, no one's going to see.

Your time is yours

This might seem like a given, but if you've got to stay late at work, you can. No guilt about missing dinner or leaving your significant other to watch GoT on their own. No worries about missing out on anything because you can do whatever you want with your time.

You can socialise when you want

Having a day where you hate all people? That's fine, because you can create a sofa cocoon and stay there for as long as you want! Want to be surrounded by people - also cool, because your space is yours and it's totally up to you who comes into it and when.

Dinner time is play time

Since I moved into my flat I've had some of the weirdest dinners. Pitta break and mackerel anyone? May I can tempt you with oven chips and poached eggs? As long as you're full, who cares that dinnertime is sometimes like a small child has been let loose in a room full of lego?

Mess is your mess

Now I don't really like mess in my personal space. However, the thing I hate the most is cleaning up someone else's mess in my space. No people = no mess.

Sleep is undisturbed
There's no one to crawl into bed drunk, or stumbling to the loo and putting on the bathroom light in the early hours. Just eight hours of pure, undisturbed zeds.

Responsibility becomes the norm

Bills and rent all all that nonsense used to seem like a huge hassle, and was really confusing. Now it's a doddle. When you've got no choice but to sort stuff yourself, you get pretty good at it, quickly.

You learn to like your own company

As I said before, I actually quite like being on my own. However, it had been a while since I'd had prolonged periods of time on my own and not got bored. So I started to do new things and learn a lot about myself and what actually interests me. Turns out I actually quite like dancing in my pants,,,

The Journal: 3 Notes on Friends


Niki, Myself & Phoebe

Friends. They're funny little things, aren't they? People come and go in our lives, leaving their marks here and there. Touching our hearts in ways that we least expect. If there's one thing the last six months have taught me, its that friends are that one source of support that we should never neglect. So here's three notes on mine:

April Blues

Around April I had a little bit of a dip. I'd been quite positive up until that point but I had a few weeks where I was just generally down in the dumps. These two showed up uninvited armed with wine, flowers and giggles and for the first time in weeks, I was crying happy tears rather than the blue kind. I realised at that point, that aside from family, I invested so much love into my relationships with these girls because of their kind, genuine hearts and they gave it back tenfold when it really mattered.


Getting a flat all to myself has been so exciting.Whether I've been causing havoc with them or regaling my tales of mischief, I've had so much fun in the last six months. I'm incredibly grateful that a situation that could have been terrifying and lonely has been full of silly memories and lots of naughtiness!


I truly believe that everyone we meet in life is here to teach us lessons. Whether it be that you should really stop moping and get up off your bum, or that sometimes when you're both sad the best thing to do is to cuddle and eat your weight in pizza, I've learnt a lot from these two characters. School's never out when they're around. 

The Journal: 10 Things Learnt in my LTR


As I mentioned in my last journal post - my long term relationship sadly came to an end towards the end of last year. Whilst I'm in a really good place now, I've had plenty of months to reflect and wanted to share the lessons I learnt.

It's really important to have your own life.

Whilst it felt right at the time, we vry much lived merged lives. It's so easy for this to happen when you live together and live in new places, but I didn't take the time to carve out my own life and identity.

Just because something this comfortable doesn't mean its right for you

It's so easy to fall into a pattern of comfort because it works for you, but I've realised that just because something is comfortable doesn't mean that it's sustainable in the long term. Sometimes coming out of your comfort zone and doing the things that scare you the most lead to the best experiences and opportunities.

It's important to live in the moment

As a self confessed organisation freak, I'm always thinking about the future and my next step. This sometimes holds me back though because instead of living in the moment and appreciating the here and now, I'm looking to plan for the future. I'm learning to just breathe and go with the flow.

All relationships are a process of growth and learning

Even though Matt and I have gone our separate ways, I have learnt so much and grown  into the person I am today because of the time we spent together. Whilst in the immediate aftermath it's hard to see this, looking back I feel hugely grateful that we were both there for each other at exactly the right time.

The words 'always' and 'forever' are pretty loaded words

Everyone is guilty of making promises they can't keep. I guess I've just learnt to take these words with a barrel full of salt when I hear them.

Space and time are great for perspective

One month out of it = world is ending. Four months out = a positive outlook and a drive to move forward.

We sometimes don't tell ourselves the truth

Gut feeling is definitely a thing that we don't give enough credit. Deep down you know when something isn't right or isn't as you make it out to be. I'm learning to be more honest with myself about how I feel, and acknowledging those gut feelings rather than silencing them.

People we trust aren't always who we think they are

People change. When things fall apart people do and say hurtful things you'd never expect and you even find yourself doing and saying things you never thought you would. Time and emotion can change a person quite dramatically.

It's better to be alone than bobbing along

I used to be terrified of being on my own, like it was the worst thing in the world. Now I'm realising that being on my own is pretty awesome, and I'd rather be doing this than just letting life pull me along.

Life goes on (and don't forget to wear sunscreen)

I felt like my life's plans had completely gone out of the window, and I had no idea what to expect. However, life goes on. Time moves and things get easier. It's just like Baz Luhrman says 'Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's'.

The Journal: Clean Slate


There you are. It's been a while, much as happened since I last wrote - from a messy blur of train rides, sleep, unpacking of belongings, work and a not-so-nice break-up. Can you really believe we're at the end of January already?!

As you may have gathered, it's not been an easy few months, but instead of dwelling on the past I'm keen to make 2015 the year of me! I love blogging, I love all the lovely people that read it and the great sense of community that comes with it. So, throwing myself whole heartedly into it again after too much time away...

I've moved into my new flat, I've got holidays booked in with friends, and life is pretty fun right now! I'm making the most of a situation I never thought I'd be in. I think we can always surprise ourselves with our resilience to horrible situations, especially when we realise how strong our support networks can be. My friends have been fantastic, and I can't wait to share our adventures with you!

Considering I wasn't up to blogging near new year - what better way to kick off a year of posts with some resolutions? This year is, after all, a blank piece of paper, a clean slate!

  • Continue to lose weight and get fitter
  • Be a YES person - try new things and meet new people
  • Read more
  • Invest more time and effort into my blog
  • Teach myself some HTML
  • Spend as much time with friends and family as  I can
  • Try at least two new hobbies - especially ones that are out of my comfort zone
  • Get better at being content on my own 
  • Visit at least 5 new places

  • What are your resolutions for this year - have you already broken them?

    The Journal: 23 Lessons


    Today I turn the grand age of 23, and what better way to celebrate than sharing 23 lessons learnt over the years...

    1. Time is something we never have enough of, always make the most of every day
    2. There's not many moods that can't be improved by Friends re-runs
    3. Everyone you meet will teach you something, even if at the time you can't see it
    4. Style is an ever changing thing that will take years to nail
    5. The balance of eating what you want and not putting on weight is an age old problem
    6. The week after time off work is the worst
    7. Sometimes in an argument, even though you're right, it's better to just let it go
    8. Sometimes it's easier to chuck a load of good stuff in the blender and drink it down

    9. Hangovers become diminished with a good plate of beans and chips
    10. The search for the best burger is a quest that never ends
    11. The best amount of time to brew a teabag is precisely three and a half minutes
    12. Any cuppa not made with Yorkshire tea will always be sub-standard
    13. If you're happy in your job 80% of the time you should definitely stay
    14. Despite what we're told, the messy hair look doesn't look good on everyone
    15. Texts sent after four alcoholic drinks are rarely a good idea
    16. If you don't look for things to criticise in others, you generally feel better about yourself

    17. Jacket potatoes are much nicer when done in the microwave
    18. If you go for a one-scoop ice cream you must have problems
    19. Clothes sizes are just numbers and usually differ shop to shop
    20. Time screen-free is a luxury that we rarely take the time to give to ourselves
    21. Vodka. Never a good idea.
    22. The air at the seaside has a magical ability to make you feel like a little kid
    23. No matter how many birthdays you have, surprise presents are always the best

    What life lessons have you learnt so far?