The Journal: Dublin Day 2

After a night of good rest we awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed for a day full of adventures. We'd looked at a lot of the leaflets in the hotel and one of the attractions that was recommended was Dublin Zoo. We decided to head over on foot as we find this is always the best way to take in a city, so after breakfast we took the forty minute walk along the river to the zoo.

Breakfast on day 2 consisted of massive handmade pork, apple and mustard sausage rolls and flavoured green tea drinks from a place called Blu Apple. Had we been staying for more than a few days we would have no doubt have tried the large salad boxes and freshly made sandwiches as they looked amazing and would be an affordable option for an on-the-go lunch.

The zoo was great, I'm never quite sure about places like that as wild animals obviously belong in the wild, but they did a lot of conservation work and work with almost extinct animals. Unlike a lot of zoos I've seen the habitats of the animals prioritised the comfort of the animal over the visibility  of them so it was nice to see them doing their own thing! The actual site of the zoo was massive, so we spent a full day soaking up the sunshine and walking around the maze that was the zoo!

We walked A LOT, approx 33 thousand steps over 3 days according to our Nike Fuel Band so it is safe to say that my inability to walk with blistered ankles persuaded us to stay in on the second night. We ate in the Groomes Bar and Restaurant which was based in the entrance of our hotel. The staff were lovely and friendly and although the food was fairly average, the prices were reasonable and the atmosphere was warm and friendly so we were happy! 


The Journal: Dublin Day 1

I should probably start this post by letting you know that each year Matt and I come to the date we started being a couple, we usually go away. Last year was the exception because we couldn't really afford it and were both in dissertation hell, but this year we decided that five years together was well worth celebrating - so we booked our three night, four day trip to Dublin.

We booked our trip through a website called Ebookers, we managed to save so much by booking our flights and hotel together so I'd definitely recommend. We managed to get three nights stay and return flights at reasonable times for £240, which considering the hotel website states it is €100 for a room per night we got a good deal!

We stayed at Cassidy's Hotel which was on Upper O'connel street, and not more than a five minute walk to one of the main shopping streets. The hotel was nice, the room was a good size and although it could have been modernised a little bit, it suited us just fine as a base. One thing that really impressed me was the staff, they were so helpful and the receptionist was really enthusiastic in helping us get bus tickets, information and showing us where was good to go on the map.

On the first day we landed really early, meaning we had a while day pretty much before we checked in, so we did a lot of wandering and cafe hopping. I always find it funny how a trip away can take a while to get in to, especially as we'd been up since 4:30 and we arrived when I'd normally be getting to work!

After a well needed nap we popped over to Temple Bar as we'd heard this was where the majority of the bars and restaurants were. Craving something oversized and bad for us, we went into Hard Rock cafe and wolfed down a mammoth meal!

Have you ever been to Dublin?


The Scrapbook: Peppermint Pudding

Another instalment from my #TryTotal recipes, this pudding is sweet and refreshing! A healthier take on ice cream, this pudding uses a few simple ingredients whizzed through my Yonanas machine.

I won my Yonanas machine way back last summer in one of Carly's giveaways - it certainly makes making banana based ice cream much easier! If you want to get yourself one (they're amazing for sorbets, ice-creams etc) then just head here. < cheaper here than most places online!

You will need:

  • 2 x frozen bananas
  • 2 x tablespoons of peppermint chocolate (this Tesco stuff is good)
  • 250g of Total Yoghurt
  • Something to blend it in!

1. Firstly, you will need frozen bananas. Whether you have a machine like this or a blender, you'll need to whizz up your frozen bananas into a smooth, thick paste.

2. Next, mix the yoghurt with the banana mixture, adding in the peppermint chocolate bits. Total is much thicker and most greek yoghurts, meaning that you get a thicker pudding. The bananas themselves obviously hold water so you need a thick component to stop the pudding from becoming really running.

3. Next, spoon the mixture back into the Yonanas (or pop back in a blender) and whiz up until the ingredients are all mixed well. Top with chocolate sprinkles and enjoy!

Enjoy! What is your favourite healthy dessert of the moment?


The Style Files: Fondant Fancies

You know that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly pipes up with "Florals for spring. Groundbreaking." - I always feel a little like this with pastels. However, there's definitely a reason why fondant shades pop out of the wardrobe and into the streets when the sun starts the shine. The light, sugary shades always look light and airy when the warmer weather arrives, plus their ability to make almost any outfit look feminine is an instant win with me. 

Here's my rundown of how I'd love to wear these fondant fancy shades this season:

Whistles have got an amazing selection of key wardrobe items this season, including this beautiful dress. I think it is so versatile, it could easily be teamed with bold and bright accessories but I've decided to go simple with some simple heels and a colour contrast clutch.

Outfit breakdown:

New Look 'Taste' Sandals, £19.99 - here
Whistles Jersey Dress, £70 - here
Asos Leather Reversible Clutch, £65 - here

I absolutely love how chic printed trousers look with simple barely-there sandals! This look draws on some great basics, and although features printed trousers, isn't too in-your-face. I've teamed it with a subtle pop of pastel pink with the beautiful Wildfox sweat.

Outfit breakdown:

Wildfox Ballerina Jumper,  £99 - here
Whistles White Croc Effect Clutch, £60 - here
Asos Hoxton Heeled Sandals, £42 - here
Whistles Spot and Chevron Trousers, £145 - here

I love the lightness of the skirt to say it has a leather look. It has a great pastel tone, which goes so nicely with the minty jumper. I decided to team this with a textured clutch and black courts with transparent panels to give the outfit more edge.

Outfit breakdown:

New Look Ronald Court Shoes, £19.99 - here
New Look Light Jumper, £12.99 - here
Whistles White Croc Effect Clutch, £60 - here
Asos Leather Look Midi, £45 - here

How will you be wearing pastels this season? Which outfit is your favourite?


The Journal: Mum.

+ Best friend
+ Good listener
+ Cackle laugh
+ Sneeze machine
+ Expert hugger
+ Tip top worrier
+ Creativity machine
+ Talented artist
+ Beautiful eyes
+ Ultimate role model
+ Killer smile
+ Unconditional love

Happy Mother's Day!


The Beauty Box: Naked 3 Vamped Up

The Naked 3 is an interesting palette. The rosegold tones can be quite hard to wear, and if you get the wrong mix of shades you can end up with bruise eyes. I've been playing around however, and have found a great vamped-up smoked eye that is just a little different to the usual.

To start, I applied Eden Primer Potion, which is a beautiful matte nude base. I love this primer because not only does it make the eyeshadows blend better, but it removes any kind of redness from your eyelids which is perfect for working with the rosy tones in this palette.

Firstly, I packed mugshot across all of my lid, up to the crease. This shadow is so beautiful it could easily be worn alone, but I decided to add a few more shadows into the mix!

Next I blended darkside into the crease and outer corner. Darkside is a deep taupe mauve shade, with a satin finish giving it a really beautiful sheen. As you can see below, it looks really lovely when blended.

Next I added a little more definition with blackheart in the crease and on the lashline. The red microglitter is a beautiful addition to this shadow and it blends seamlessly with the other shadows! It also has amazing pigmentation so you can easily use it instead of an eyeliner, which I did here.

If you're wanting to get your hands on the Naked 3 palette, you can get it for £37 here, here, here and here (I know a lot of stores have been selling out so I thought I'd give you choices!)

Have you got the Naked 3 palette? What do you think of this look?